Preacher Kills Wife And Puts Dead Body In Freezer… for FOUR YEARS!!!

Killing your wife is wrong… but sticking her dead body in a freezer, NOW THAT”S JUST COLD!
Her is how the associated press reported the story. @

Preacher convicted of killing wife, freezing body

By MELISSA NELSON (AP) – 2 days ago

MOBILE, Ala. — An Alabama evangelist and former paratrooper was convicted Friday of murdering his wife and storing her body in a freezer for four years.

After deliberating for 1 1/2 hours, a jury in Mobile also found 39-year-old Anthony Hopkins guilty of rape, sodomy, incest and sexual abuse of a child between the ages of 12 and 16.

Hopkins was arrested in 2008 while preaching at a rural revival in Clarke County on charges that he killed 36-year-old Arletha Hopkins, a mother of eight.

He showed no reaction on Friday as deputies handcuffed him and led him from the court.

Children who grew up in his home and who had testified against him stood in front row and hugged each other and cried as the verdict was read.

“There is nothing pleasing about any of this, it is all very disturbing,” Ashley Rich, the prosecuting attorney said after. “A number of children have been harmed and the chances of them fully recovering are slim.”

Authorities said a teenage relative that Hopkins had abused and impregnated led police to the body of his wife in 2008.

Investigators say Hopkins killed his wife in a violent fight in 2004 after she caught him having sex with the teenager. They said he then stuffed the wife’s body into a freezer at the Mobile home he shared with her, the couple’s six children and two of her children from a previous relationship.

In closing arguments Friday, Assistant District Attorney Jill Phillips said Hopkins terrorized his wife and young children, isolated them and used the Bible to manipulate them.

“He was the supreme commander of his own little army,” Phillips said.

Hopkins told jurors Friday that he came home on a December evening in 2004 and found his wife dead on the floor, with the youngest of her eight children, an month-old infant, beside her.

“I was shocked and I began to shake her, and I was like ‘Letha, Letha are you alright?’ I began to shake her, tilt her head back and do CPR,” Hopkins testified.

Hopkins served in the U.S. Army in Kazakhstan in the late 1990s and earned a medal for his service. Hopkins was arrested in Saraland, near Mobile, in 1998 for being absent without leave from the U.S. Army in Fort Bragg, N.C., from June 15, 1995, until April 6, 1998.

He testified Friday that he decided to leave the Army after he got orders to serve in Korea and could not take his family with him.

It was then he said that he had a calling to become an evangelist and began preaching at rural churches and revivals around the rural South. He developed a following because many who heard him preach considered him a prophet who could see the future.   Copyright © 2010 The Associated Press. All rights reserved.


Is Westboro Baptist Church EVIL?

WOW! I think Digital Journal’s Opinion Piece just went from opinion to opinionated! 


//  (-pnyn) 

n. 1. A belief or conclusion held with confidence but not substantiated by positive knowledge or proof: “The world is not run by thought, nor by imagination, but by opinion” (Elizabeth Drew).

2. A judgment based on special knowledge and given by an expert: a medical opinion.3. A judgment or estimation of the merit of a person or thing: has a low opinion of braggarts.4. The prevailing view: public opinion. o·pin·ion (-pnyn)


1. A belief or conclusion held with confidence but not substantiated by positive knowledge or proof: “The world is not run by thought, nor by imagination, but by opinion” (Elizabeth Drew).
2. A judgment based on special knowledge and given by an expert: a medical opinion.
3. A judgment or estimation of the merit of a person or thing: has a low opinion of braggarts.
4. The prevailing view: public opinion.

o·pin·ion·at·ed //  (-pny-ntd) 

adj. Holding stubbornly and often unreasonably to one’s own opinions.

Michael Bearak really speaks out against Westboro Baptist Church.  Why so angry?  It’s not like they yelled at your mother or crashed your son’s funeral or something… wait, then again maybe they did? I guess it’s a possibility when you’re talking about Westboro… or as some have said, the “Westboro Wackos”.  I hope they aren’t the next Waco, Texas!  After all, as much as people want to hate on them… they have never incited any kind of violence against anyone other than themselves!  I saw a video on YouTube where they have some little boy picketing for them, and he catches a Slurpee upside his head by some rednecks driving by in their Dodge Duster or something.  I have to say, that was pretty evil as well.

Opinion: Westboro Baptist Church is EVIL

Westboro Baptist Church is a group that is no better than the KKK for their positions, beliefs and most of all their behaviors. 

The Westboro Baptist Church, led by Fred Phelps out of Topeka Kansas has repeatedly been in the news for a variety of protests and activities. They have protested the state of West Virginia, as reported here at Digital Journal, they have protested the funerals of our fallen soldiers because of the military’s stance on gays, they even went so far as to protest the funeral of President Obama’s grandmother back in November of 2008. Still, it doesn’t end there, and I will admit I have never been to a service at the WBC or one led by Fred Phelps, and ignorance in that respect leads me to only think the worst. Still, how many groups that call themselves a “church” post on their website a list of future picketing events? There website, which is too vulgar to list, although if you click on the link above referencing their website it will take you there, or you run a simple Google search for the “Westboro Baptist Church” you will find plenty of information including their website. This group hides behind the cloak of being a “church” applying for and apparently getting non-for-profit status from the United State’s government. Essentially we are letting a hate group grow, and prosper because they feed of of tax payer’s dollars and law suits. The father of fallen soldier, Marine Lance Cpl. Matthew Snyder was ordered to pay the WBO when Snyder sued them for protesting his son’s funeral. Albert Snyder sued and won $5 million in a verdict against the WBO for their protest at his son’s funeral citing emotional distress, and invasion of privacy. All of this stemming from his funeral in March of 2006. The ruling was appealed and the Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit threw the decision out and then turned around the slapped Albert Snyder with a $16, 510 bill for WBO’s legal fees. The court said the signs and actions were protected by the First Amendment. This was the end of March of this year. Now Snyder’s attorney’s have turned to the Supreme Court, who has agreed to hear the case, if Snyder can get the money together for the court costs. Think about this as rational people. Why would a church, a true church of God disgrace and humiliate someone at their funeral? A true church of God wouldn’t. There is no wonder why as KJ Mullins pointed out on Digital Journal that the Southern Poverty Law Center has declared them a hate group. CLICK HERE TO READ FULL ARTICLE
Unfortunately, as of yet, there were no comments. 😦

Boethius: The Consolation of Philosophy


“Men were most happy in former ages, content with the yield of fertile fields, and not yet ruined by indolent luxury.  Their hunger was easily satisfied by acorns.  They did not know the potent mixture of wine and honey; they had not learned to color fine silk of Syria with Tyrian dye.  They slept soundly on the soft grass, drank from the running streams, and rested in the shade of the high pines.  (Translated by Richard Green).

Boethius was born about 480 into the distinguished Roman family of Anicii. 

A.D. 510
BOETHIUS (A.D. 475 – 524)
Boethius was a Roman scholar and mathematician and attempts to document the speed of light. In 525 King Theodoric orders him decapitated for treason and magic.

Anicus Manlius Severinus Boethius


SHE was about to pass on to other matters, when I broke in, saying, “I am even now experiencing one of the many difficulties which beset the question of Providence. I want to know whether thou deemest that there is any such thing as chance, and, if so, what it is?”

She made answer, “If chance be defined as a result produced by random movement without any link of casual connexion, I roundly affirm that there is no such thing as chance at all. What place can be left for random action when God constraineth all things to order? For ex nihilo nihil is sound doctrine which none of the ancients gainsaid. Now, if a thing arise without causes, it will appear to have arisen from nothing. With our good Aristotle , we may define what men commonly call chance as being an unexpected result flowing from a concurrence of causes where several factors had a definite end. But the meeting and concurrence of these causes arise from that inevitable chain of order which disposes all things in their due time and place.”

“I agree that it is as thou sayest. But in this series of linked causes is there any freedom left to our will, or does the chain of Fate bind also the very motions of our souls?”

“There is freedom,” said she; “nor, indeed can any creature be rational unless he be endowed with free will. For that which has the natural use of reason, of itself distinguishes what is to be shunned or desired. Now, everyone seeks what he judges desirable and avoids what he thinks should be shunned. Wherefore, beings endowed with reason possess also the faculty of free choice and refusal.”

Then I said, “But now I am perplexed by a problem yet more difficult. If God foresees everything and can in no wise be deceived, that which He foresees to be about to happen must come to pass.”

She answered, “Without doubt all things will come to pass which God foreknows as about to happen, but of these certain proceed of free will. The freedom of men’s will stands unshaken and laws are not unrighteous, since their rewards and punishments are held forth to wills unbound by any necessity. God, Who foreknoweth all things, still looks down from above, and the ever-present eternity of His vision concurs with the future character of all our acts, and dispenses to the good, rewards, to the bad, punishments. Our hopes and prayers also are not fixed on God in vain. Therefore, withstand vice, practice virtue, lift up your souls to right hopes, offer humble prayers to Heaven. Great is the necessity of righteousness laid upon you if ye will not hide it from yourselves, seeing that all your actions are done before the eyes of a Judge who seeth all.”

The remains of Boethius are probably in the church of San Pietro Ciel d’Oro in Pavia.

Why Are Bikes Better Than Cars?

From the website who claim to be,

“Re-Establishing Altruism As A Viable Social Norm” comes the following:

Social Effects of Motorized Transport

Ivan Illich discusses his concept of convivial transport:


  • The United States puts between 25 and 45 per cent of its total energy (depending upon how one calculates this) into vehicles: to make them, run them, and clear a right of way for them when they roll, when they fly, and when they park. For the sole purpose of transporting people, 250 million Americans allocate more fuel than is used by 1.3 billion Chinese and Indians for all purposes. 
  • The model American male devotes more than 1,600 hours a year to his car. He sits in it while it goes and while it stands idling. He parks it and searches for it. He earns the money to put down on it and to meet the monthly installments. He works to pay for gasoline, tolls, insurance, taxes, and tickets. He spends four of his sixteen waking hours on the road or gathering his resources for it. And this figure does not take into account the time consumed by other activities dictated by transport: time spent in hospitals, traffic courts, and garages; time spent watching automobile commercials or attending consumer education meetings to improve the quality of the next buy. 
  • The model American puts in 1,600 hours to get 7,500 miles: less than five miles per hour. In countries deprived of a transportation industry, people manage to do the same, walking wherever they want to go, and they allocate only 3 to 8 per cent of their society’s time budget to traffic instead of 28 per cent. What distinguishes the traffic in rich countries from the traffic in poor countries is not more mileage per hour of life-time for the majority, but more hours of compulsory consumption of high doses of energy, packaged and unequally distributed by the transportation industry. 
  • Man, unaided by any tool, gets around quite efficiently. He carries one gram of his weight over a kilometer in ten minutes by expending 0.75 calories. Man on his feet is thermodynamically more efficient than any motorized vehicle and most animals. For his weight, he performs more work in locomotion than rats or oxen, less than horses or sturgeon. At this rate of efficiency man settled the world and made its history. At this rate peasant societies spend less than 5 per cent and nomads less than 8 per cent of their respective social time budgets outside the home or the encampment. 
  • Man on a bicycle can go three or four times faster than the pedestrian, but uses five times less energy in the process. He carries one gram of his weight over a kilometer of flat road at an expense of only 0.15 calories. The bicycle is the perfect transducer to match man’s metabolic energy to the impedance of locomotion. Equipped with this tool, man outstrips the efficiency of not only all machines but all other animals as well. 
  • Bicycles are not only thermodynamically efficient, they are also cheap. With his much lower salary, the Chinese acquires his durable bicycle in a fraction of the working hours an American devotes to the purchase of his obsolescent car. The cost of public utilities needed to facilitate bicycle traffic versus the price of an infrastructure tailored to high speeds is proportionately even less than the price differential of the vehicles used in the two systems. In the bicycle system, engineered roads are necessary only at certain points of dense traffic, and people who live far from the surfaced path are not thereby automatically isolated as they would be if they depended on cars or trains. The bicycle has extended man’s radius without shunting him onto roads he cannot walk. Where he cannot ride his bike, he can usually push it. 
  • The bicycle also uses little space. Eighteen bikes can be parked in the place of one car, thirty of them can move along in the space devoured by a single automobile. It takes three lanes of a given size to move 40,000 people across a bridge in one hour by using automated trains, four to move them on buses, twelve to move them in their cars, and only two lanes for them to pedal across on bicycles. Of all these vehicles, only the bicycle really allows people to go from door to door without walking. The cyclist can reach new destinations of his choice without his tool creating new locations from which he is barred. 
  • Bicycles let people move with greater speed without taking up significant amounts of scarce space, energy, or time. They can spend fewer hours on each mile and still travel more miles in a year. They can get the benefit of technological breakthroughs without putting undue claims on the schedules, energy, or space of others. They become masters of their own movements without blocking those of their fellows. Their new tool creates only those demands which it can also satisfy. Every increase in motorized speed creates new demands on space and time. The use of the bicycle is self-limiting. It allows people to create a new relationship between their life-space and their life-time, between their territory and the pulse of their being, without destroying their inherited balance. The advantages of modern self-powered traffic are obvious, and ignored. That better traffic runs faster is asserted, but never proved. Before they ask people to pay for it, those who propose acceleration should try to display the evidence for their claim.

from: Energy and Equity. In Ivan Illich: Toward a History of Needs.

God Sends A Whale To Help Cure Cancer!

Jodie Nelson, a Southern California surfer, picked Sudnday of all days, to standup-paddle  nearly 40 miles!  She was disappionted by some celeberty friends, but GOD came through with a much BIGGER plan!  She received inspiration from a WHALE!  She credits God for the “miracle” of sending a big fish, not to eat her, but to simply swim along side her for about two hours.  This will lead to some WONDERFUL theological debates I’m sure.  Following is an excerpt from an article then some GREAT comments that give us amazing insight into the minds of those we share this plantet with!

Watch a video of it here: Oh Yea, and don’t read over the fact that Jodie Nelson became the first woman to paddle from Catalina to Dana Point.  I think that’s pretty significant.

Thursday, April 1, 2010 2:03pm PDT

California surfer receives whale of an escort during marathon paddle

By: Pete Thomas,

When Southern California surfer Jodie Nelson set out Sunday to standup-paddle nearly 40 miles from Santa Catalina Island to Dana Point, she hoped it’d inspire her best friend, who has been involved in a long and exhausting struggle with breast cancer, to keep fighting.

Nelson, 34, whose mother and aunt are cancer survivors, also hoped her nine-hour test of endurance would raise money for two cancer charities and heighten awareness about a plight affecting millions of women.

What Nelson could not have known was that a 30-foot minke whale would swim alongside her 14-foot board and accompany the surfer as she stood and paddled for two of those nine hours, thus joining the cause.

“It was a day that all of us involved will never forget,” Nelson said, in reference to Angela Robinson, her best friend, and the rest of a crew aboard an escort boat.

Minke whales are not commonly seen off Southern California, and those spotted by boaters are often elusive. So when a mammal Nelson named Larry joined her endeavor to become the first woman to make this long paddle, she took it as a sign.

“To me it was a total God thing,” the San Clemente resident said. “We prayed at 4 that morning that God would reveal his beauty and creation and nature, and allow me to endure this long trek, so for me it’s not such a huge surprise that this happened.”

Larry did not merely swim close to Nelson. He rolled around repeatedly alongside her and blew bubbles beneath her board. A film crew was on the escort boat and CNN, Fox News and ABC are just some of the networks she says are interested in the story and footage.

Alisa Schulman-Janiger, an American Cetacean Society whale researcher, said minke whales can be friendly but added: “This type of quality encounter is highly unusual.”

Nelson raised only about $6,000 in advance of the paddle, disappoingtingly short of her target of $100,000 for the Keep a Breast Foundation and Boarding for Breast Cancer. A few of her celebrity friends let her down, she said, but when this story reaches a national audience she expects the pool to grow considerably.

“I thought, ‘I don’t need so-and-so,’ ” she said of a particular celebrity, whom she declined to name. “Because I honestly feel like Larry is going to help us reach the $100,000 mark with our fundraising effort.”

Larry or no Larry, completing a standup paddle over 39.8 miles of ocean and sharks speaks volumes about Nelson’s strength, stamina and determination.  CLICK HERE TO READ THE REST OF THE ARTICLE


Reply by natasha robinson April 2, 2010 03:09am PDTReport Abuse

That is so amazing! Awesome, sweet I can’t even find the words to explain. God did come through for Jodie Nelson and He’ll come through for all those persons struggling with cancer! Keep on doing the good work Jodie and may God richly bless ur cause!

Reply by hugedog55 April 2, 2010 05:36am PDTReport Abuse

God Bless you!! What am amazing and inspiring effort!
Curt Platt
Sarasota Fl.

Reply by rob etheridge April 2, 2010 09:06am PDTReport Abuse

No, the story is about Larry and Breast Cancer awareness. Without that amazing encounter with Larry (an answer to her prayers for God to show her the beauty of His creation), she would have $6000 and that would be the end of it save a few straggling donations. Now, this whale encounter has the opportunity to raise significantly more money bc it put Jodie in the national spotlight.

Why do people like you have to be so negative. That was not religious ‘pimping’ by the journalist. It was a good story. BTW: Minke whales are not normally seen off the cost of Southern California because they prefer icy waters and they have no reason to migrate.

Reply by osaka April 2, 2010 09:15am PDTReport Abuse

I was moved by the story so much to the point that I wanted to find more information. Oddly, I found a story written by Jodie of the journey with absolutely no mention of the whale.¬e;_id=148781175580

It may be a publicity stunt, or maybe I was reading something unrelated somehow. Regardless, this story does not need a stunt, it simply needs publicity. That is an amazing journey with the best intentions, and I hope that she’s able to hit that 100k goal and beyond.

Reply by bigmak April 2, 2010 09:24am PDTReport Abuse

I wonder who the So and SO CELEBRITY BUM is… Expose the Truth!!!

It amazes me how average Americans idolize Celebrities that would never spend even a minute of their free time with any of their Fans…

Just goes to show you how brainwashed everyone is, people should idolize good people like Jodie not the evil mess of greedy Celebrities that just care about making more and more money…

Reply by egphoto April 2, 2010 10:11am PDTReport Abuse

You can see an amazing video of the whale swimming with Jodie here:

Reply by petem6400 April 2, 2010 10:16am PDTReport Abuse

RE: bigmak

It all depends on who the celebrities are. Brad Pitt, George Clooney, and others (mostly progressives) not only donate money, but also donate their time to worthy causes (Haiti, Dafur, Katrina rebuild)

Reply by lj032289 April 2, 2010 10:22am PDTReport Abuse

And to “Steve Bazer” (who posted at 10:06a) Man can turn something beautiful like this story into a crushing blow to the spirit. Why would you want to that? Sad for you.

Reply by austinite April 2, 2010 10:29am PDTReport Abuse

To Steve Bazer, God did not send cancer nor it is His will. We, human beings, brought harm to ourselves.. Its because of our sin, yours and mine and of the human race, that death adn disease came into the world. God created the world PERFECT and GOOD.. Its because of sin the world became corrupted, we have lived independent of the Creator God that’s why its the consequence of our own doing – the food we eat, the things we do, if not within His perfect will, brings harm to ourselves. Dont blame God, you should atleast be thankful that God breathe you life.
Did you not lie, did you not steal, did you not take the Lord’s name in vain? Repent for God’s judgment will come upon humanity. That is why Jesus came to save us from our sin for we cannot save ourselves and will never will. Only Jesus can save you. Trust in Him today! for you can be sure of your salvation while you are still alive. For cancer and any disease or calamity can never compare to the hope of eternal life that is ahead for those who puts their trust in Jesus. Peace :>

Reply by jesus can73 April 2, 2010 10:40am PDTReport Abuse

You go austinite!!!!! tell him the truth!!

Reply by ttyme April 2, 2010 10:47am PDTReport Abuse

@Steve – God did NOT send the cancer that kills and afflicts so many! If you are going to speak of God – know His word! It clearly says in James 1:17 that “Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above, and cometh down from the Father of lights, with whom is no variableness, neither shadow of turning.” Yes, bad things happen in this world filled with sin. But you would have to read God’s word to understand the origin of our trouble. Pray and then start from Genesis and work your way all the way through Revelation. While you are doing this – continue to pray with an OPEN mind so that the Holy Spirit can guide you into all truth (John 16:13) so that when you are finished you can say that you will actually be able to sound intelligent because you know with confidence what you are talking about. ( 2Timothy 2:15)

Reply by austinite April 2, 2010 11:03am PDTReport Abuse

Steve bazer says :
“Jesus was jewish. When the swarthy, curly haired, woody alan-esque little guy comes back will you try and convert him to your ugly pagan religion too? He actually believed in one God, not a Roman God middle-man “Man-God”. I’ll bet he’s still turning over in his grave when he sees the pain and suffering caused at the hands of “Christians”. You folks are dangerous haters. Please don’t reply to this post. I have no use for your brand of ignorant red-necked.”

Yes Jesus was Jewish in decent but he came to earth not only for the Jews but all humanity including you and me.
True Christians are not dangerous but loving people. Although I dont know you Steve but I love you because you are created in God’s image. God loves you dearly that He doesnt want you to perish in Hell with Satan and his demons. That is why God sent His son to die on the cross on your behalf because you cannot save your self. God has to find a way to take you back with Him. God’s salvation for you is a FREE gift . you dont have to pay for it. Religion, Education, Good works are not the ways that you can be saved. Only the person of Jesus Christ can save you from eternal death. You simply act by faith , repent from all your sins and surrender to Him as your Lord and Savior.
I hope you will heed this advice and hope to see you when He comes back to take true believers to His kingdom.
I know your mom or dad has read you fairy tales and stories while you were little before they tuck you into bed, right? Didnt you wonder why fairy tales and stories touch your heart and all of them have a common theme which is “Happy life, then tradgedy comes, villain appears, Hero comes and fight villain, then Hero wins, then they live happily ever after”? Do you know that deep within our hearts are inscripted the real story of mankind with that same theme?
There will be a Happy ever After Steve.. Now the question is Will you be a part of that? Hope you think about this before you lay to bed

Reply by redleg_fist_05 April 2, 2010 11:46am PDTReport Abuse

What a humorous fight lol. Get a life losers!! God this!, God that!, WHO cares!!! Give me a break!! Every good thing happens god did it! Every bad thing god did it!! What you are is afraid to take responsibility!! You suck!!! yeah big deal a minke whale swam beside Jodie Nelson. God had nothing to do with that. If anything at all he is only responsible for creating the two! No one can start a war or fight like God our savior!!! Yes I said it! God has killed more people than any one cancer or disease ever! That is not here nor there, but if you read this page all you see is arguments! You are all wrong!! If you want to believe something go for it!! Don’t try to sell Stupid to me!!!!

Reply by sweetiebee18 April 2, 2010 12:26pm PDTReport Abuse

im not religious 🙂 i love looking at these stupid fights and listen to arguments… it so funny

Reply by hkmp50 April 2, 2010 12:29pm PDTReport Abuse

The christians are getting as bad if not worse than the taliban in their fanitical convictions. Look, every religion I have ever heard of believe they are right. making every one else wrong. How is that possible? They believe in their convictions so much they are willing to kill others in the name of it , (what ever it is). Just a clue here, any God ( real or perceived) that condones killing of others to perpetuate their beliefs cannot be seriously considered by the sane as ethically correct enough to follow. Just because some one wants to believe in something does not make it true! or every onw would be right…Believe what you want of course, but do not even remotely suggest o me that that whale is somehow God in disguise! What a crock!!!

Reply by jesus can73 April 2, 2010 12:47pm PDTReport Abuse

to all non-believers:
I’m sorry that your stupidity has led you to believe that god is not real. !NEWSWFLASH! read the bible….all the prophecies are being fulfilled as promised..and we are running out of time….so i will be praying for you.

Reply by nevaeh April 2, 2010 12:55pm PDTReport Abuse

Why are you so bitter and scared in believing there may be more to this life than just living and dying? You could possibly open your mind and check out really who the God is we speak about.

Reply by j1778 April 2, 2010 01:53pm PDTReport Abuse

Agreed, accept for the Hell and Heaven part. The 144 thousand make it into heaven, while the rest of Jehovah’s followers make it into paradise. Hell, though, doesn’t even exist! It was used as an example, like the Jew and Samarite. God is loving, and he would not torture even sinners. He says the dead are conscious of nothing, so you can’t feel pain when you are conscious of nothing. Life is a gift, and evil-doers and sinners don’t deserve that gift.

Posted by ctheibault April 1, 2010 05:55pm PDTReply | Report Abuse

This is incredible! A once in a million life times event for certain. I am a cancer survivor (going into my 22nd year) and I wish all the best for this cause. It’s a shame the “celebrity” in question backed out like a douchebag, but thank god for Larry!
Chris Theibault Sr
Western MD

Reply by lamandag April 2, 2010 07:18am PDTReport Abuse

As of 10:08 AM Eastern time in South GA. she has raised $39,498.01. I think that is amazing. Keep up the good work. And may God richly bless you and your friend Jodie.

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Posted by amwwmaamwwma April 1, 2010 06:05pm PDTReply | Report Abuse

I love these kinds of stories! We need more happy stories like these and not all that depressing political and celebrity crap

Benny Hinn Update: Not Letting Divorce Slow Him Down!

Suzanne or no Suzanne, Benny is moving right along as he promised whe he told the world, nothings going to “Break My Stride”!

I picture him singing along with Matthew Wilder!

Last night I had the strangest dream
I sailed away to China
In a little row boat to find ya
And you said you had to get your laundry cleaned
Didn’t want no-one to hold you
What does that mean
And you said

Ain’t nothin’ gonna to break my stride
Nobody’s gonna slow me down, oh-no
I got to keep on movin’
Ain’t nothin’ gonna break my stride
I’m running and I won’t touch ground
Oh-no, I got to keep on movin’

You’re on a roll and now you pray it lasts
The road behind was rocky
But now you’re feeling cocky
You look at me and you see your past
Is that the reason why you’re runnin’ so fast
And she said

Ain’t nothin’ gonna break my stride
Nobody’s gonna slow me down, oh-no
I got to keep on moving
Ain’t nothin’ gonna break my stride
I’m running and I won’t touch ground
Oh-no, I got to keep on moving

Never let another girl like you, work me over
Never let another girl like you, drag me under
If I meet another girl like you, I will tell her
Never want another girl like you, have to say
Ain’t nothin’ gonna break my stride
Nobody’s gonna slow me down
Oh-no, oh-no, I got to keep on moving
Ain’t nothin’ gonna break my stride
I’m running and I won’t touch the ground
Oh-no, I got to keep on movin’


Miracle Crusade

Georgia World Congress Center
285 Andrew Young International Boulevard NW
Building A, Level One
Halls A2/A3
Atlanta, GA 30313
Venue Website 

April 1 – 2, 2010
Thu @ 7 PM & Fri @ 10 AM & 7 PM


Miracle Service
Thursday, April 1 at 7 PM 

Anointing Service
Friday, April 2 at 10 AM 

Good Friday Communion Miracle Service
Friday, April 2 at 7 PM 

Doors Open at 4 PM for the evening services and 8 AM for the morning service. 

Location Details:
The Georgia World Congress Center opened its doors in 1976 as one of the nation’s premier convention facilities with 350,000-square-feet of exhibit space. Today, the facility features 1.4 million square feet of exhibit space, making the GWCC one of the top five largest convention centers in the country. 

Usher/Volunteer Meeting – Thursday, April 1 at 2pm
Georgia World Congress Center
Halls A2/A3
285 Andrew Young International Blvd. N.W.
Atlanta, GA 30313 

Choir Meeting – Wednesday, March 31 at 6pm – 9pm
Georgia World Congress Center
Halls A2/A3
285 Andrew Young International Blvd. N.W.
Atlanta, GA 30313 

Additional Material:
Click here to download flyers for this event.
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Click here to download a promo for this event.(English)
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Topeka Google Contest Dominated By Westboro Baptist Church

Google changed their name back to Google from Topeka.   That left me thinking… we never had a chance to see any artistically changed “Topeka” names the way Google has been known to do for special occasions. For example, April 2, 2010, the celebration of Hans Christian Andersen’s 205th Birthday had SEVERAL renditions honoring him! So I thought I would take it upon myself to start a Photoshop Contest to see what could have been.

Here are a few entries thus far: (Be sure to click on them to get the “FOOL” effect!)