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“The Lord Often Reveals What Is Better To The Younger…” St. Benedict

In the book “The Rule of Saint Benedict”, Saint Benedict “writes” on page 11 that all in the monastery need to be consulted when something important is being considered, and that the reason is “that the Lord often reveals what is better to the younger”  And if it’s less important it’s acceptable to counsel only with the seniors. 

My opinion would be that it wouldn’t be something so hard and fast like, “young people are more creative and imaginative, and older monks are jaded by life and by rules”.  If they somehow thought that God always revealed what was better to the younger, then they would have shown favoritism towards the younger, and if the thought was truly that the older monks were jaded by life and rules than they would not be given much consideration when making any decisions.  What seems more consistent is the desire for equality and fairness.  I believe age would have been a common basis for discrimination.  On page 11 it does go on to say everyone should express their opinions with humility and that ultimately the decision is completely left for the abbot to make.   The final sentence in that paragraph is “…it is becoming for the master on his part to settle everything with foresight and fairness.  

In chapter 63, a completely different point seems to be made that might cause us to see page 11 as not referring to age at all, “Absolutely nowhere shall age automatically determine rank.”  It goes on to say that “Someone who came to the monastery at the second hour of the day must recognize that he is junior to someone who came at the first hour, regardless of age or distinctions.”  Thus, it appears that when it mentions later on that same page that the “younger” monk must respect their “seniors”, and the “seniors” must love their “juniors”, age isn’t even being considered.

Thus, page 11 could then be interpreted as saying that the Lord often reveals what is better to the monks that “came the second hour”or more recently entered the monastery.  The abbot desires a different perspective in order to reach the best possible decision, he would elicit the input from those with “fresh eyes” or a more objective perspective.


The Rule Of Saint Benedict… on Leadership.

There are SO MANY passages from this book that could be applied to LEADERSHIP! Here are just a few that jumped out at me when I read and read again through the book:

In the Prologue, “First of all, every time you begin a good work, you must pray to him most earnestly to bring it to perfection.”p.3

Chapter 2 “Furthermore, anyone who receives the name of abbot is to lead his disciples by a twofold teaching: he must point out to them all that is good and holy more by example than by words… And also this… The abbot should avoid all favoritism in the monastery.”p.9

“He must know what a difficult and demanding burden he has undertaken: directing souls and serving a variety of temperaments, coaxing, reproving and encouraging them as appropriate.”p.10 

Chapter 62, “He (the visiting monk) may, indeed, with all humility and love make some reasonable criticism or observation, which the abbot should prudently consider; it is possible that the Lord guided him to the monastery for this very purpose.” P.59

Chapter 68, “A brother may be assigned a burdensome task or something he cannot do.  If so, he should, with complete gentleness and obedience, accept the order given him.  Should he see, however, that the weight of the burden is altogether too much for his strength, then he should choose the appropriate moment and explain patiently to his superior the reasons why he cannot perform the task.  This he ought to do without pride, obstinacy or refusal.  If after the explanation the superior is still determined to hold to his original order, then the junior must recognize that this is best for him.  Trusting in God’s help, he must in love obey.”pp.66,67

I would also have to note that chapter 7, which happens to be the longest chapter, covers a topic most crucial to leadership; that being Humility.  A wonderful paper written by Corne J. Bekker, that highlights the topic of humility can be found by following this link:

It quotes a book by the title “The Benedictine Rule of Leadership: Classic Management Secrets You Can Use Today,” written by Galbraith and Galbraith.  They translated the Rules’ twelve steps of humility in a very modern and simple way, beautifully applying them for leaders today:

1.      Revere the simple rules
2.      Reject your personal desires
3.      Obey others
4.      Endure affliction
5.      Confess your weakness
6.      Practice contentment
7.      Learn self reproach
8.      Obey the common rule
9.      Understand that silence is golden
10.  Meditate on humility
11.  Speak simply
12.  Act humbly in appearance

I strongly encourage everyone to check out the above mentioned paper and the book, which portions of can be found here: THE BENEDICTINE RULE OF LEADERSHIP

Oral Roberts University Compound Sold…

Compound of late Okla. evangelist, son sold

Associated Press 
Published: July 1, 2010

TULSA, Okla. (AP) — Oral Roberts University President Mark Rutland says the sale of a 9-acre presidential compound where the late evangelist Oral Roberts and his son, Richard, once lived is another milestone for the school.

Investors Roger and Brian Broach purchased the compound and its six houses adjacent to the campus for $1.55 million. Brian Broach said Thursday they plan to lease the homes until the Tulsa housing market improves.

Rutland, who is the first school president who wasn’t a member of the Roberts family, says he’s excited about the university’s future.

Oral Roberts founded the school in 1963 and was president until Richard Roberts took over in 1993.

Richard Roberts resigned in 2007.


Information from: Tulsa World,

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“Elmer Gantry Was Drunk” Written by Cliff Dunn and Pier Angelo Guidugli

That’s the opening sentence of the novel Elmer Gantry—the most scathing satire Sinclair Lewis ever wrote.

It tells the story of a young, narcissistic, womanizing college athlete who becomes a Methodist minister and spends his life as a false prophet, until his “con act” finally leads him, and many followers, to misery.

The novel, written in 1926, created a public furor. The book was banned in several states and denounced from pulpits across the USA. One cleric suggested that the author should be imprisoned for five years. And like with the ayatollahs’ “fatwa” against Salman Rushdie for his 1988 book, The Satanic Verses, there were also threats of physical violence against Sinclair Lewis.

The novel could easily have been written today. It satirically represents, and brings to life, the hypocrisy behind the multimillion-dollar industry of religion. Elmer Gantry remains unpopular with most evangelical Christians to this day.

It hits too close to home.

SFGN has compiled “The Hypocrisy A-List.” It features preachers and Republican politicians who get caught in unholy scandals of one type or another—preferably of a sexual nature.

These people tend to be extremely homophobic in their sermons and their politics.

“The Hall of Shame”


(Part 2: The Politicians will follow)

BILLY JAMES HARGIS, early 1970s. A prolific author and radio evangelist. Formed American Christian College in 1971 in order to teach fundamentalist Christian principles. However, a sex scandal erupted at the college, involving claims that Hargis had had sex with male and female students.

JIMMY SWAGGART, 1987. The Self-Appointed Judge of America’s Televangelists found himself the penitent when he was caught patronizing a prostitute.

MIKE WARNKE, 1991. A popular Christian evangelist and comedian during the 1970s and 1980s. In 1991, Cornerstone Magazine turned up damaging evidence of fraud and deceit. The investigation also revealed the unflattering circumstances surrounding Warnke’s multiple marriages, affairs, and divorces.

JIM BAKKER,1991. The founding father of the Praise the Lord Club was involved in a sex scandal with Jessica Hahn. Around the same time, various improprieties in the business dealings of PTL were uncovered. He wound up being sentenced to a 45-year term in prison for fraud. His wife Tammy became a favorite gay icon.

ROY CLEMENTS, 1999. Prominent figure within British evangelical Christianity. In 1999, he revealed he was in a homosexual relationship, resigned as a pastor, and separated from his wife.

JOHN PAULK, 2000. Former leader of Focus on the Family ‘s “Love Won Out” and former chairman of the board for Exodus International.  In September 2000, Paulk was found and photographed in a Washington, D.C. gay bar, and accused by opponents of flirting with male patrons at the bar.

EARL PAULK, 2007. (no relation to the above) was the founder and head pastor of Chapel Hill Harvester Church in Decatur, Georgia, from 1960 until the 1990s. A number of women from the congregation came forward during the 1990s claiming that Paulk had sexual relations with them. Some of these claims have subsequently been proven correct.

PAUL CROUCH, 2004. Founder and president of the Trinity Broadcasting Network, the world’s largest evangelical television network. In September 2004, the LA Times published a series of articles raising questions about the fundraising practices and financial transparency of TBN, as well as the allegations of a former ministry employee, Enoch Lonnie Ford, that he had a homosexual affair with Crouch during the 1990s.

TED HAGGARD, 2006. Was the pastor of the New Life Church in Colorado Springs and was the president of the National Association of Evangelicals. Haggard’s position allowed him occasional access to President George W. Bush. In 2006, it was alleged that Haggard had been regularly visiting a male prostitute who also provided him with drugs. Haggard admitted his wrongdoing and resigned.

PAUL BARNES, 2006. Founder and former senior minister of the evangelical church Grace Chapel in Douglas County, Colorado. He confessed his homosexual activity to the church board, and his resignation was accepted on December 7, 2006   This scandal was notable because it was similar to Ted Haggard’s (above), it occurred in the same state (Colorado), and around the same time (late 2006).

LONNIE LATHAM. In 2006, Latham, the senior pastor of South Tulsa Baptist Church and a member of the powerful Southern Baptist Convention Executive Committee, was arrested for “offering to engage in an act of lewdness” with a male undercover police officer.

COY PRIVETTE, 2007. Baptist pastor, conservative activist, politician in North Carolina, president of the Christian Action League, and a prominent figure in North Carolina moral battles. In 2007, Privette resigned as president of North Carolina’s Christian Action League and from the board of directors of the Baptist State Convention of North Carolina, following revelations on July 19 that he had been charged with six counts of aiding and abetting prostitution

THOMAS WESLEY WEEKS, III, 2007. Married fellow evangelist Juanita Bynum in 2002, but they separated in May 2007. In August 2007, Weeks physically assaulted Bynum in a hotel parking lot and was convicted of the crime in March 2008. The couple divorced in June 2008 and Weeks remarried in October 2009.

JOE BARRON, 2008, one of the 40 ministers at Prestonwood Baptist Church, one of the largest churches in the United States, was arrested on May 15, 2008 for solicitation of a minor after driving from the Dallas area to Bryan, Texas, in order to allegedly engage in sexual relations with what he thought to be a 13-year-old girl he had met online. The “girl” turned out to be an undercover law enforcement official.

TODD BENTLEY, 2008. Rose to prominence as an evangelist at the Lakeland Revival in Florida. In August 2008 he stepped down permanently when it was revealed he was separating from his wife, Shonnah, and was in a relationship with Jessa Hasbrook, a member of his staff.

TONY ALAMO, 2008. Federal agents raided Tony Alamo Christian Ministries headquarters as part of a child pornography investigation involving allegations of physical abuse, sexual abuse, polygamy, and underage marriage. In late July 2009, Alamo was convicted on ten counts of transporting minors across state lines for sexual purposes, sexual assault and other crimes. On November 13, 2009, he was sentenced to the maximum punishment of 175 years in prison.

GEORGE ALAN REKERS, 2010. Baptist minister, co-founder of the right-wing Family Research Council, and a member of the notorious National Association for the Research and Treatment of Homosexuality, took a 10-day trip to Europe with a 20-year-old male prostitute.

A special entry for wackiness is reserved to:


In 1999, Jerry Falwell suggested that Tinky Winky, ibe of the Teletubby characters, was gay because  “.. it has the voice of a boy yet carries a purse. He is purple, the gay-pride color; and his antenna is shaped like a triangle, the gay-pride symbol..”

After the 9/11 attacks, Falwell said:  “I really believe that the pagans, the abortionists, the feminists, the gays and the lesbians who are actively trying to make that an alternative lifestyle, the ACLU, People for the American Way, all of them who have tried to secularize America. I point the finger in their face and say ‘you helped this happen.'” Fellow evangelist Pat Robertson concurred with his sentiment. Falwell further stated that the attacks were “probably deserved.”

On June 10, 1988, Pat Robertson said Orlando, Fla., should beware of hurricanes, since it and Disney World allowed Gay Days to be held there.

“I would warn Orlando that you’re right in the way of some serious hurricanes, and I don’t think I’d be waving those flags in God’s face if I were you,” Robertson said on his TV show, The 700 Club.

In the months following the statement, Orlando was spared, but hurricanes Charley and Frances made landfall in Texas, dumping heavy rains, killing over 14 people, and hitting the town of… Corpus Christi. Apparently even God has a sense of humor. 

The Above Article was first published by SFGN. 

I pray people calling themselves “Christian” and proclaiming to be follwers of Jesus Christ will stop giving various media outlets and individuals fuel for the fire!

Church Looks To Purge Lesbians From Softball

Tennessee Church Kicks Gay Softball Coach Out of League


Published June 17, 2010


A Tennessee women’s softball team and its coach were banned from a church league after church members learned the coach.was gay, reported.


In May, Jana Jacobson’s team, composed of straight and gay players, discovered Bellevue Baptist Church in Cordova was allowing softball teams not associated with the church to participate in summer competition.

The season was supposed to begin for the team on June 8. But they never got the chance to play.

According to Jacobson, Scotty Shows, the church’s recreation minister told her that because she was a lesbian the team could not play. She was told that the team’s participation would send a message to Bellevue members that the church condoned her lifestyle, the Commercial Appeal newspaper reported.

Jacobson noted that the league rules included: no alcohol, smoking or cursing and no offensive terms on uniforms. Jacobson didn’t recall any mention of a morality clause.

“Finally, in my frustration, I said that I am going to be clear. I am gay, and I find all of this to be absurd and against the word of God as I know it,” Jacobson told the Commercial Appeal.

Bellevue Baptist Church did not return calls made by for comment. 

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Nigeria’s Sani Kaita: The Look Of Shame

Nigeria midfielder Sani Kaita regrets small Spartan style kick.

His red  card remorse brought a new look to the World Cup.

“I apologise to everyone. To the Nigerian people, the officials and my team-mates…”

Nigeria went on to lose to Greece 2-1 at the Free State Stadium in Bloemfontein. 

Vassilis Torosidis should get Oscar nod for preformance!

Some would say if you’re going to kick someone… might as well do it like Eric Cantona’s REAL kick!

A Tame Lion?




“One of C.S. Lewis’s characters in The Last Battle makes a significant observation regarding Aslan: “Is it not said in all the old stories htat He is not a Tame Lion?”  Sadly, however, many people have inadvertently domesticated God.  By allowing what we want God to be to influence what we thing he is– to predecide what God we will accept and give allegiance to– we put him on a short leash, and the idea of fearing him becomes absurd.  As someone has noted, God created humanity in his image, and humanity has been seeking to return the favor ever since! But we must not confine God to whatever we need at the moment and what we think we can understand on the spur of the moment.  We must let God be God.” -D. Brent Sandy