Jonas Brothers Update: Rick Warren asks them to lead “Worship”

Jonas Brothers 3D Worship Experience?

According to The Jonas Brothers will be leading worship this Easter weekend!  Would you purchas a Jonas Brothers Worship CD?

Jonas Brothers worship leaders? Rick Warren Saddleback Church on Easter

March 30, 3:50 AMSt. Louis Christian Music ExaminerTere Scott

“The popular boy band, The Jonas Brothers, is well known among throngs of happy young girls.  They were nominated among others as part of the Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Awards, as they make the news almost daily with such happenings as Kevin’s wedding, Joe dating Demi Lovato, diabetes awareness and so much more.

The sons of a former Assemblies of God pastor, the Jonas Brothers announced their Christian faith to the public.  They also are not shy about spreading the word in regard to their sexual purity, and all wear purity rings with the exception of Kevin who exchanged his for a bride.

This weekend, they will make the news once again.  They will be guest worship leaders as part of a 30th Anniversary at Rick Warren’s Saddleback Church in California.  The service will take place in Angels Stadium on Easter Sunday, April 4, 2010.

The service can be seen live in the St. Louis area viewable online through the Saddleback Church’s Blog site.” Click Here For Full Article

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