John Piper Leaves His Church… But Not His Wife!

John Piper will be on an EIGHT MONTH leave of absence. 

I think that will help him stay out of the headlines by NOT divorcing his wife.   It would be nice to see tomorrows News Headlines Read:

John Piper: Still Married To His Wife! No One Files For Divorce.

Recently on John Piper’s Twitter Account:


  1. Maybe take the 5 seconds you spend reading these, and pray for me instead. See you in January. If it’s part of the new way. 2:21 AM Mar 29th  
  2. Both are love. “You laid a crushing burden on our backs… You brought us out to a place of abundance” (Psalm 66:11-12). 2:11 AM Mar 29th  
  3. Everything the Old Testament (more so the New) is designed by God, when rightly grasped to give the saints hope. Rom. 15:4 1:00 PM Mar 28th  
  4. Why I asked our elders for an 8-month leave of absence. No preaching, no books, no blogs, no tweets. 9:00 AM Mar 28th  
  5. “To old age and gray hairs, O God, do not forsake me, until I proclaim your might to another generation” (Psalm 71:18). 4:00 AM Mar 28th  
  6. Adrian Warnock links with N. T. Wright getting it very right on the resurrection. 6:41 PM Mar 27th  
  7. “Blessed be the Lord who daily carries us” (Psalm 68:19). And he started doing it before we were born (Isaiah 46:3). 1:00 PM Mar 27th  
  8. Daily Bible reading is the work of kings. (Deuteronomy 17:19) 9:00 AM Mar 27th  
  9. You can’t want what you don’t want while you don’t want it. But you can ask to want. And if God wills, the want will happen.

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