Focus On The Family Update: Jim Daly Responds To Dr. Ken Hutcherson’s Railing Accusations

The Following Is An Email That Focus On The Family Sent Out On 03/11/2010.

I think It Is A Weak And Cowardly Way They Have Chosen to Respond To Hutch’s Comments About Their Tebow Super Bowl Ad. 

(I Thought That Was A Better “Jim Daly” Image, So I Just Went With It)


Dear Friends,

Do you have a moment for a quick story?

Of the many incredible benefits to representing Focus on the Family®, the opportunity to meet some of you while traveling ranks at the top of my list. Allow me to share news of one such meeting.

Just last week while I was in Tampa, Florida, I met a friend of the ministry. “Bill” asked to chat, and I was eager to listen. Here is the essence of what he said:

“Jim,” he began, “my wife and I have always appreciated Focus on the Family–and we’ve been reading and hearing about the leadership transition. It must be hard to follow in the footsteps of a legend.”

I nodded. He was right; it is! But the Lord is guiding it, not me.

He continued, “Now, look, please don’t get me wrong. I was excited to see Focus run that ad in the Super Bowl–if you’re going to be effective, you’re going to have to reach a new generation and maybe try new things in new ways. I get it! But my wife, who loves Focus, said she thought the ad was kind of ‘soft,’ and she was disappointed it didn’t even mention the word abortion. What do you say to people like her?”

I was grateful for the candid dialogue. I shared with Bill some of the background behind the ad, especially surrounding our conversation with CBS. For example, the network would not permit the word “abortion” to even be mentioned. So, if we didn’t want to play by their rules, we couldn’t run the spot. I also explained there had always been a two-part strategy surrounding the ad campaign. Our main goal was to drive viewers to where the full story of Mr. and Mrs. Tebow was featured. Over 1.5 million people have viewed the online movie.

The second part of the ongoing strategy concerns our commitment and passion to witness to people about the saving nature of Jesus Christ with a gentle spirit of humility. Focus on the Family is HIS ministry. As such, we’re determined to engage the culture and present His truths–respectfully, thoughtfully and winsomely–all from a biblically based foundation.

Incidentally, I also shared with Bill some new research data that indicated the Super Bowl ad caused over 5 million viewers to reconsider their view of the legality/morality of abortion.

To God be the glory!

Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us with any question or concern you might have if we could be of help. Contact us by calling 1-800-A-FAMILY (232-6459) or by visiting

God be with you!


Jim Daly

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