Brain McLaren… More Questions, Less Answers And Further From The Truth

So Many Questions… Rarely Any Answers!

Scot McKnigh Sheds Some Light! Read His Review Of McLaren’s Book!

Review: Brian McLaren’s ‘A New Kind of Christianity’
Brian McLaren’s ‘new’ Christianity is not so much revolutionary as evolutionary.
Scot McKnight | posted 2/26/2010 10:16AM
Ten Questions That Are Transforming the Faith
by Brian McLaren
HarperOne, February 2009
320 pp., $16.99
Some great quotes from the review:
“Brian McLaren has grown tired of evangelicalism. In turn, many evangelicals are wearied with Brian.”
“But I want to turn the following comment from McLaren back on him: “Sociologists sometimes say that groups can exist without a god, but no group can exist without a devil.” Brian’s devil is Western evangelicalism, which he caricatures often, and his poking is relentless enough to make me say that he needs to write a book that simply states in positive terms what he thinks without using evangelicalism as his foil.”
“Alas, A New Kind of Christianity shows us that Brian, though he is now thinking more systemically, has fallen for an old school of thought. I read this book carefully, and I found nothing new. It may be new for Brian, but it’s a rehash of ideas that grew into fruition with Adolf von Harnack and now find iterations in folks like Harvey Cox and Marcus Borg. For me, Brian’s new kind of Christianity is quite old. And the problem is that it’s not old enough.” 

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