Rick Warren on Benny Hinn: Rick Warren Tweets Concerning Benny Hinn’s Divorce, then untweets

Rick Warren weighs in via Twitter on why Suzanne Hinn might have filed for a divorce from Benny Hinn:

When Ricky isn’t rubbing elbows with presidents, rock stars and hip hop artists… he tweets.  On Feb. 26 he thought it necessary to send a quick message directly to Benny Hinn, he then quickly changed his mind.  Lucky for you, he jotted those thoughts, not on paper, but in cyberspace, where it isn’t so easy to erase. 

Here is Rick Warren’s Marriage Counseling Twitter Session For Benny And Suzanne Hinn.

He wrote:


Referring to his divorce,Hinn writes”I will not allow anything to slow me down or stop me”  Sir, that might be why she left.        posted 2:15 a.m. February 26, 2010

He later went on and on about the topic, with posts that actually you can actually still find on his twitter account:

Dont do churchministry if ur wife cant say u’d die forher-“Love ur wife asChrist loved hischurch&gave himself forherEph5:25       posted 2:35 p.m. February 26, 2010

The primary purpose of marriage is to make you holy, not merely happy. Nothing challenges our self-centeredness more.       posted 2:45 p.m. February 26, 2010

I’m a 4th gen.pastor because my dad’s 1st ministry was to his family.”A godly father is a blessing to his children” Pr20:7       posted 9:20 p.m. February 26, 2010

ON THE CROSS Jesus did THE most important task-yet he still took care of his family! I teach the 3rdWord from Cross today.      posted 2:15 p.m. February 27, 2010

Costi Hinn or i guess it would be @CWHINN responded on his Twitter Account with:

@RickWarren I am usually inspired by the Godly wisdom that you post. This is disappointing to see. Spread the gospel, not gossip or opinion. 11:15 AM Feb 26th via web in reply to RickWarren

Then Theo Koulianos, with a much more direct response, wrote the following:

On Friday 26th February 2010, @theokoulianos said:

@RickWarren This is why the body of christ is so divided, because “preachers” like yourself gossip instead of extend hands of help to those in need. How do you think this makes Jesus feel? Your comments do nothing but grieve Him.

If you try to find Rick’s specific comments to Benny now, you will be encountered with the following notice, I guess Rick changed his mind and “untweeted” his thoughts about Hinn.  Sounds a lot like the flippant comments Mark Driscoll made after the whole Ted Haggard issue went public. 

Always Remember, Think Before You Tweet!

You may get it off your Twitter account, but it might later show up on someone’s blog!

2 responses to “Rick Warren on Benny Hinn: Rick Warren Tweets Concerning Benny Hinn’s Divorce, then untweets

  1. good by benny an paula .god is cleaning up his church /ANEN

  2. Actually, I agree with Rick Warren, in a general sense, but just like I don’t know the particulars of the situation, neither does he. And, if he DOES know the particulars of the situation, then why would he put someone else’s businesses out there like that? He should’ve just kept it in a general context, in my assesment.

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