Benny Hinn Family Update: Benny Hinn’s Daughters and Son

Keep Benny Hinn’s Family In Your Prayers Through This Most Difficult Time!

Natasha Hinn

You can visit her myspace to hear some of her original music and her YouTube Account for more videos like this one:

Hannah Hinn


her music can be found on her myspace as well,

Jessica Hinn

Jessica is now married and goes my Jessica Koulianos.  You can find out more about what she is doing at

Josh Hinn doesn’t seem to be doing much other than running his facebook, so this is all I could find on him:

Here is an old video where Benny is actually praying for most of his family…

The highlight is where he has his family on the ground and he cancels all of Satan’s plans!  He also asks God to take his own anointing and have it rest on Joshy.  He states that Josh will serve God until the day he dies. 


19 responses to “Benny Hinn Family Update: Benny Hinn’s Daughters and Son

  1. Thanks for posting this online

    Cute Girls serving the Lord through songs -God bless you all girls. I believe with Benny the Lord wwill use Josh to carry the Gospel -Tough as it is but god’s grace and anointing will be upon him to oercome all obstacles
    God bless you all kids -keep it up -we are with you in these tough days .
    keep on your knees!!!as your father always said -Prayer prayer !!!!.

  2. Man of God i love you so much my brother and i pray that the the Lord would help you in this trying time wether its the truth or not,you are a true Man of God,be strong in the Lord i may not know what you are going but the Lord is you

  3. Prayer changes things!

  4. Man of God i keep you in my prayers,praying that God’s spirit will move mighty in your family sir.As you always says that you are not the healer but God,even in the mist of challenges may you also say those word agian.

  5. we dont belive all bullshit tell him joing the medical hospitals cure them . thanks u

  6. Hannah is not Benny’s daughter. Elasha is….

  7. your sins will find you out . mr Benny andMRS WHITE .to god be the glory .god help you……

  8. i love you pastor Benny and believe that the Lord of Hosts will fight this battle for you,keep trusting praying for you and your family

  9. God bless you pastor for everything that you are going through.Know that you are not alone in what you are going through,the LORD too is in that,according to his word in psalm 23.We are praying with you for Gods miracle to be reliese upon you and your family. Thank you and i love you.

  10. I think Pastor Hinn’s a good guy. I’m not a very religious Christian, I stopped trying when I discovered I was the only one around really being one {and I don’t mean religious}. I am a Christian though, but I’d rather compare facts with my personal understanding of the bible. So far, I haven’t found Pastor Hinn lacking – in doctrine, speech, action or behavior. As a person, I think he’s a really good guy, as a pastor…once again, I’m not religious, and I’d probably prefer not to be. So to the Hinn family – best of luck and Godsteer. I do appreciate your efforts in the World though, and sincerely hope you can continue.

  11. You have got the names as well as their pictures wrong. His daughters are Jessica, Natasha and Eliasha, and son is Joshua. As of now it seems to be Suzanne Hinn was not as commited to the Lord as she should have been but let us pray instead of speculating.

  12. you do know that hannah isnt bennys daughter right? eleasha is, hannah is his neice

  13. u’ve been a blessing to my life,I say God bless u more and more with abundance of revelation and wisdom.

  14. i cant say anything about you you are all Gods children please pray for me. I love and respect you

  15. It’s so sad to hear of the divorce yet one thing i know , God hates divorce (Malachi 2: 16) and therefore, He will not allow it unless its His will to let you pass through it. He who started your marriage will bring it to accomplishment. Pastor, Jesus is in control and everything happens for the good. i personally pray for you and family that God restores and refreshes you. remember; He promises never to leave you nor forsake you. besides, for all that you do for his Kingdoms’ sake! Pastor, God is in control. lets thank Him for whatever happens.

    Uganda, Soroti

  16. Nazarine Moodley

    Benny I believe that God uses all things to propergate His Gospel; so take heart the Lord overcame this world You can too! In all things God will sustain you I pray..thank you dear Jesus for your servant..Amen

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