Tim Tebow Thinks Ravi Zacharias Is Awesome: Maybe Tim Is Prepared To Answer Questions!

In an article in SLATE titled, “Tim Tebow Goes For The Conversion”, Jason Fagone recalls Tim’s admiration for Ravi Zacharias. Hopefully, Ravi will continue to be Tim’s go to man. 

I will pick up midway through the article.  Here is what Fagone wrote:

“Go to Bob Tebow’s Web site and you can read a 10-point, 2,200-word manifesto that begins with the doctrine of biblical inerrancy and ends with the Apocalypse: “The universe will be destroyed, followed by the judgment at the Great White Throne.” Tim has grown up surrounded by charismatic figures in the conservative tradition of Southern Baptism—his father first and foremost, and also his pastor at the First Baptist Church of Jacksonville, Jerry Vines. Vines spent a long career decrying “the wolf of liberalism.” He made headlines in 2002 when he said that the prophet Mohammed is “a demon-obsessed pedophile.” Four years later, when Vines retired, Tebow spoke at the ceremony. “He has always shared the Word of God and shared it like it’s coming straight at me,” he said. “There’s a lot of role models, but not a lot of role models with character.” Vines’ response: “No wonder you are such a terror on the football field, Tim. You came to a church that’s a holy terror to the devil.”

Tebow has never really been asked about this stuff, which is a shame. I had a chance when I wrote a profile of him for GQ, but I blew it. I only got as far as a little riff on evolution, which Tim brought up himself, mentioning his admiration for creationist Ravi Zacharias. “Have you ever heard Ravi Zacharias speak before?” Tebow asked me. “He came here to speak and I talked to him for a little bit. … The way he can draw you in with his stories and his wording, and then at the same time make it so easy and simple for someone to understand—I was like, man, he’s great. I thought it was awesome.” But when I got to the heavier God stuff, I started to sweat, fumbling my questions like a blown snap from center. I kept thinking, This guy is a college football player. It’s not fair to ask him what he thinks of Mohammed.”


I found this news to be very encouraging, especially with all the poor theology that could be influencing young minds!  Imagine if Tim would have asked, “Have you ever heard Benny Hinn speak before?” That would have been very disheartening!

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