The Many Faces Of Suzanne Harthern Hinn


Not sure if Suzanne will still be a speaker at the Esther Gathering Womens Conference which runs from March 26 to March 28, 2010.  I think they should probably reconsider.

See how she has changed over the years…


And one of the very FEW with Benny and Suzanne actually together

Leaves me saying… as it did Benny, HMMMMM?


10 responses to “The Many Faces Of Suzanne Harthern Hinn

  1. she’ll be there because she wants the publicity.

  2. Judge not lest you be Judged

    Are you the Holy Spirit incarnate?

    None of us know the personal circumstances or inner sufferings but we know how to pray – He the Holy Spirit shows and helps us!

  3. Touch not my annointeds and do my prophets no harm.Whether touching him with your mouth or pen.

  4. Like the servants of Baal, she will be thrust through by Elijah, servant of God.

    Just kidding. She will melt, like the incredible melting man, for all those face lifts.

    Hope she screws that charlatan husband of hers of every last cent. And then I hope she gives all this stolen money back to those poor, generous and dumb followers of Hinn. But she won’t. She will gobble it all up, the wretched glutton.

  5. Please dont throw stones at others esp at a person’s mistakes. All of us are flawed too. None of us are perfect. We all have things in our lives that we’re not proud of. I believe what sets us apart is the heart’s ablility to forgive, empathise & believe for the best.

  6. these culprits have been living their life to the hilt on the deception of if you need a healing sow a thousand dollars now to receive ur miracle or if u don’t have it borrow it from ur friend. too long they have been riding the gravy train. they have risen up the ladder of power, prestige and popularity, now satan is going to showcase them in his playground of divorce. Why do you stay in the fancy hotels and wear your designer clothes and get driven in a limo to arrive at a meeting to speak to all the people who are struggling to put food on their table and clothe their children. these very same people who have arrived in your meeting after a hard days work with calloused hands, tired feet and simple clothes are coaxed into parting with their hard earned cash on the pretext that they wud get their miracle. these people have to be brought to accountability and i pray that they wud one day pay back all that they have stolen from poor honest people.

  7. How does one know if they are truly God’s anointed??? Seems like we have a problem today with women not being submissive and trying to take over the man’s role. Paul specifically states that a woman must not teach the man. Why don’t we just follow Jesus and his commands and then there wouldn’t be so many divorces. We Christians are to be the light of the world and most of us are in bed with the world.

  8. Well it was Satan that caused the fall of the woman Susanne Hinn, and the lord Jesus said that she should get back to her husband immediately because such does not exist in the lord, the culperblity is death, and she should take it as I am telling her now. She cannot just mess such effort of the great prophet even pastor Benny.

  9. If you do not get back to your husband Susanne Hinn, you will surly die.
    Benny Hinn, if you love your wife, go and get her back. She refuses, take your children from her, they should never visit her at all, and you should not pay money to her, no access of yours should be given to her, unless she gets back to you. She fells to do so, she will not last long and will die off. So that you will be a free man.If you fell to go and get her, you will also be in a great problem. The plan of Satan is that you might be alone so that he can offend you, or try to lift your bed up. So try to sleep always with your Son Joshua.
    When you are sleeping two on your bed, the offences of Satan does not happen much, but when you are alone, even the beast and his antichrist group tries to offend you. They never have rest throughout the Nights, they are bussy running around destroying people’s souls.

  10. Mr. Benny Hinn is remaining faithful & trustworthy with GOD & I don’t know if Ms. Suzanne Hinn is?

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