Oprah Winfrey Might Help Operation Rescue Operation Save America Target and Confront Todd Bentley

According To Operation Save America, They Publicly and Biblically Rebuked Todd Bentley at One of His Meetings.
They write on their blog:
We are followers of our Lord Jesus. In our group were pastors, evangelists, street preachers, husbands, wives, businessmen, children, grandchildren, etc. We went to confront the blatant, public sin and deception being foisted upon Charismatic/Pentecostal segments of the church of Jesus in particular. We all work together with an organization called Operation Save America. Learn more about OSA here:    http://www.operationsaveamerica.org/

“OSA was having its annual leadership conference here in Charlotte and it just so happens that it is the same time Todd Bentley was having his conference. Knowing many months ago that Bentley and Morningstar were going to hatch this fake restoration scheme, I was burdened of the Lord to go and confront them whenever they decided to put Todd back up there. I did not know when this would be. I spoke with Flip Benham, the National Director of OSA and he agreed we would take a group and go. Little did we know that the Lord would work it out so that Todd and Morningstar, the false prophetic, would be confronted by those who have lived and walked in the true prophetic life and ministry.”
They go on to report:

“We find it quite interesting and providential that Oprah Winfrey’s people were there filming to do a story on Todd and Morningstar. They followed us out after we were told to leave, and they interviewed many of us, and also filmed us debating with Morningstar defenders outside of their doors. Perhaps the Lord will use the secular arm to speak the truth to millions about these disgraceful men and highlight the fact that there are many who reject their nonsense and who hold to the Scriptures. Perhaps true Christianity will lift up its voice and be heard. His ministers are to be above reproach and full of the Holy Ghost, not sin, lust and irreverence.”
The Video of the Public Rebuke Can Be Viewed Here:
On their website they write:
Operation Rescue/Operation Save America unashamedly takes up the cause of preborn children in the name of Jesus Christ. We employ only biblical principles. The Bible is our foundation; the Cross of Christ is our strategy; the repentance of the Church of Jesus Christ is our ultimate goal. As the Church changes its heart toward unborn children, God Himself will hear from heaven, forgive our sin, and bring healing to our land. www.operationsaveamerica.org

4 responses to “Oprah Winfrey Might Help Operation Rescue Operation Save America Target and Confront Todd Bentley

  1. What if.. what “IF” it is GOD?
    Did Paul not persecute the church?
    Did Kind David Murder, Lust and have and adulterous affair? But a man after God’s heart.. Have you studied the revials in History? Do you believe you have to be perfect for God to use you? Are we all modern day Pharisees and we like the letter of the Law [tree of knowledge] instead of eating from the [tree of life] communication with the living God. .. some thoughts to ponder.. Where is LOVE in the church? Grace? Forgiveness?
    Walk humbly before God.. and ask HIM.. go to GOD .
    ❤ the Rev ~

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  3. Sir, there is ZERO room in the church for false prophets. As a matter of fact, they are put there, according to the word of God, BY God, in order to “test” the people of God. Biblical orthodoxy is absolutely imperative, so that we CAN discern the ways of evil. This is the primary function of the Bible.

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