Todd Bentley Update:

While I’m still waiting for a remix to Todd’s smash hit “Marinating… Pickling In God’s Presence” (see my archives) reports the following:

“Todd Bentley Launches a Web Site
Contributed by Cary McMullen – Posted: June 23, 2009 11:35:23 AM
Pentecostal faith-healer and revivalist Todd Bentley, who has been in seclusion for about 11 months now after leaving 1) his wife and 2) the Lakeland Outpouring revival last year, has started a new Web site. Bentley was ousted from his Canadian-based Fresh Fire Ministries last year after announcing a separation from his wife and amid allegations he was indulging in heavy drinking. Bentley subsequently divorced and remarried and has been undergoing “rehabilitation” in California and North Carolina. The Fresh Fire organization changed its name, allowing Bentley to claim it, so his new Web site is titled “Fresh Fire — Missions, Evangelism and Revival.” There is an evangelistic video from Bentley and a letter posted on the site, which includes this: “I pray unbelief is not in your heart as a result of hurt and disappointment wrought by unfolding events and decisions I’ve made, that even before God completes His work in me and heals, restores, and re-establishes my life and the life of this ministry; that He restores your hope, faith, and confidence, that He heals hurts, disappointment, and discouragement.” It would seem that it won’t be long before Bentley returns to public ministry, conducting revivals. Look for his critics and his supporters to continue their ongoing war about his legitimacy.”

7 responses to “Todd Bentley Update:

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  2. Lord God when will this stop! Give your people a desire for discernment, holiness and a renewed zeal toward godly fear, obedience and true worship by conforming to your Word.

  3. The real issue at hand is not the man behind the “so called” mirracles. Who cares? The issue we need to be concerned is the power behind it. Was it from God or was it a deception? When I heard the words “We don’t need to know Jesus more, we already know Him, what we need is to be aware of the realm of angels” I knew then where the source of all this nonsence came from. Then… I looked at some of the fruits. Like the man who was left “soaking” after he had been hit in the stomach by the preacher (Under the pretense that God told him to do that in order to bring healing to his colon cancer) Or the fact that the angel who brought Tood Bentley’s messages was called Emma (One of Satan’s name in the Satanic Bible incidently) Or perhaps, the mere fact that the Word of God was not taught but rather mentionned sometimes while stories and testimonies were given. I think anyone serious about God’s Word and the Truth will discern how far off this entire “outpouring” really was. the problem is, people don’t really care about Bible truth… They just want the “power” and the “hype”.
    Makes sence to me, Paul warned us in 2Ti 4:3-4 “For the time will come when they will not endure sound doctrine, but according to their own desires, because they have itching ears, they will heap up for themselves teachers; and they will turn their ears away from the truth, and be turned aside to fables.”
    Are you hungree for the truth or for the latest wave?
    If you feel trapped in this nonsence and need help to see the Bible’s view on that, I invite you to come and listen to a message on this subject at . Look for the Charismatic Deception message.
    Please pray for Todd Bentley and for those under the same type of deceptive mind set. If you are willing to point out what you don’t agree with, take time to pray just as much about it all!
    God bless

  4. All i remember from the Lake land revival in person and on God Tv was Todds everlasting Love for Jesus.. never did I ever see or hear him say or do anything that contradicted our christian faith. The lies and stretched facts from christians mind you has been dead -on violent to the cause of Christ..Todd was so transparent .He faithfully shared some of his experiences like a trusting child never knowing that those who called themselves christians would take his comments out of context and become the enemies of christ themselves.. I myself had an angelic visitation in the “80 s who spoke and pointed me to a scripture that had brought comfort and peace to a season of sadness and depression.. My faith grew and my relationship with God blossomed and in Lakeland it had exploded with such love for God as cannot be explained. Thank you Todd and Roy for the joy you brought to me and my 3 friends .. we still enjoy talking about it!!!

  5. Todd Bentley was recently confronted. Here are the videos of this with information on who did it and why:

  6. Martin Comeau

    If you aren’t preaching Acts2:38 for salvation your a false prophet like todd bently.. Repent and be baptized in the Name of Lord JESUS for remission of sins an d you shall receive the promise of the Holy Ghost

  7. Bryan D'Penha

    It looks gradually Christianity is moving away from the very facts of the Bible. There seems no truth in Todd Bentley’s ministry.The Bible is amply clear in Pro 19:27. It is getting clearer as we see this man’s ministre is without God’s wisdom…I humbly say…beware!!!!!

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