Todd Bentley’s New Wife: Babysitter, Nanny, Intern, Jessa Hasbrook Bentley?

Did Todd Bentley commit adultery with the babysitter? Did he leave his wife for the nanny? Did he destroy his family for the intern!?!?!?!

Is he now married to Jessa Hasbrook… or should I say Jessa Bentley?


Did Rick Joyner perform their wedding?  Was Shonnah and the kids invited to the ceremony?

Unfortunately, Todd didn’t keep certain things on his mind!  He lost sight of his priorities.  He forgot what is most important.  Unfortunately, Rick Joyner doesn’t care too much about those BIBLICAL priorities either.  True restoration would have included Shonnah… not Jessa.

29 responses to “Todd Bentley’s New Wife: Babysitter, Nanny, Intern, Jessa Hasbrook Bentley?

  1. This whole thing defies reasoning at any level, yet many Christians are eating this hook line and sinker. If I pulled even one of the many horrible things Bentley did in Lakeland, I would be buried under a burning cross with people dancing on the embers, yet he seems to get away with it???
    How do you get away with: 2 affairs on your wife, excessive partying in bars after services, living high on the cash from the meetings, all while in ministry? Then, re-marrying and expecting to jump right back up there and keep going with a little pat on the hand? Wow…all in the name of grace…and, if anyone (like me) says anything to the contrary—well “the devil” is attacking their ministry! Double wow…

    • this guy is a satanist! yes its true! he is a satanist! like many others! this whole movement is powered by the whore, the RCC! just read the bibel, its the peoples fault that guys like Todd do decieve them! they will have NO excuse, because they did not love the truth, which woudld set them free from this error!

  2. He’s not getting away with anything. Jesus is looking and judging… Continue to look and judge too because the Devil is trying to pull another fast one and bring him back for another soul snatching event.
    May God have mercy on the poor, blinded pastors and Christians…
    I say we keep exposing this false unholy spirit anointing and bind the Kundalini devils that want further attention from church people in Jesus name.

  3. I keep watching these “restoration” videos and wondering 2 things. When will he repent and what do we want to restore him too? The adulterous, lieing charlatan? I am not sure. You can watch all the videos here

  4. I just think that people who follow Todd Bentley really need to wake up. He has proven himself to be a heretic. People need to beware of him and those running in his close circle of associates and friends. All of Todd Bentley’s actions go against the Word of God. According to wikipedia, he was divorced this year 2009 and remarried to Jessa this year 2009. I mean…we are just in the 4th month of this year. He’s been a pretty busy guy. So much for restoration.

    By the way, there is nothing in the Bible that speaks on the “restoration” of a supposed fallen pastor who has fell deep into sin due to his lust and greedy actions. The Bible states that those desiring the office of bishop, (1 Timothy 3:1) are to be the husband of (1) wife, which means being faithful to (1) wife. They are to be blameless. Todd Bentley does not fall into any of these categories. He should just go away and stop trying to continue in his foolishness. And for those who think that I’m judging, please read John 7:24. Real Christians are to examine the fruit and character of others. Real Christians should not be willing to follow any thing or any one. Todd Bentley will be judged for his actions of leaving his wife in her medical condition to seek sensual, sinful pleasures with his mistress. I truly pray for his children and former wife who he ditched for a new life in South Carolina. It may all seem to be peaches and cream for Todd now. However I doubt very seriously if this new marriage will last. Things that are done wrong will eventually catch up to him. He will get his due reward for all of his sinful actions, the way he left his children, the way he left his wife. This is an utter shame.

    He’s truly a top rated scumbag.

  5. If Rick Joyner and Todd Bentley did such thing, truly there’s no biblical teaching in them. I like to suggest not to purchase any of their books! In this last days, example by living is so important, especially men choosen by God and yet these people shame the name of our Lord. Yet having said all these, I trully hope they’ll repent and may God have mercy on them!

  6. None of us know the real state of the marriage between Todd & Shoanna Bentley. None of us can judge, we didnt experience the things Todd did – perhaps this Jessa is his soul mate.

    God knew what Todd Bentley would do before he called him into ministry and he still called him…. God knows best.

  7. plain and simply.. you who have not sinned cast the first stone..

  8. George Willis

    Christine, the Bible does not say a minister should be the husband of one wife…and a soul mate. And yes we can and are to judge and as to God’s calling Todd into ministry, that is questionable. There are all kinds of people in ministry that God has not called. By your reasoning God knew what Jim Jones was going to do in Guyana with his “ministry.” I am sure you are a fine person Christine but you have a very superficial knowledge and understanding of Scripture.

  9. FillWithGrace

    I have met Todd and even had him prophesy over me in his very early days. In these days, he had no visible tattoos.

    Something with him also seemed ‘off’. It was like there was a deep secret life or something in his life that had not been touched by the grace of G-d.

    I have seen him ‘preach’ many times in Toronto and I always sat there thinking to myself, ‘he isn’t really preaching the context of Scripture’.

    When Lakeland broke-out, I knew 100%, that I had been correct. I warned people not to fly to a ‘preplanned’ revival where Todd, who was now covered in tattoos, would speak to a female angel and teach the most unBiblical nonsense I have every heard.

  10. I do believe the Todd Bentley Loves Jesus and that Jesus is His saviour, from my understanding of Gods word, that makes Todd both my Neighbor and my brother.
    Luke 10:27
    ‘Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your strength and with all your mind’ ; and, ‘Love your neighbor as yourself.”

    I’ve read in my bible about many people who God raised up in the Old testament or who Loved Jesus in the New testament who made some terrible mistakes, but God did not give up on them.
    Why are we speaking so unkindly about this Man Todd Bentley, is God not the Judge of Man?
    Romans 3:22-24
    This righteousness from God comes through faith in Jesus Christ to ALL who believe. There is no difference, for all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God, and are justified freely by his grace through the redemption that came by Christ Jesus.”

  11. Bit of an old thread but I’ll reply anyway. 🙂

    I saw and met Todd in what was then his only West Coast swing in Los Angeles for his revival circus right before the revelations of his affair came to light and his ministry fell apart. Jessa was there at a Fresh Fire Ministries’ supporters meeting at the L.A. Hilton (or Hyatt… can’t recall exactly). Anyway, while I got “knocked over” by Todd who very rapidly went through the crowd of 150 or so to anoint them, I actually felt something spiritually emanating from Jessa, who admittedly is a very pretty lady, and wondered what the heck I was getting into. Todd had a picture of her on his Myspace page when that was still up, which I felt was kind of odd given how many possible people he could have had pictures of in what was then a very large ministry.

    The main meetings were, I suppose, ultimately typical of charismatic revival meetings – bombastic and heavy-handed. My family took something of a financial risk to drive to L.A. and see him but we felt it was the right thing to do. We did meet some great brothers and sisters in Christ who are still friends today.

    If you read about Todd’s life from his own books you know he came from a very bad background, being heavily into sex and drugs. He is an extreme personality, someone who swallows whole both the positive and negative aspects of living – when he found God he swallowed that whole, but I believe his extreme, very charismatic personality has a very difficult time not living on both sides. His weight – though I guess he’s thinner than he used to be – and preoccupation with being tattooed I believe reflects this.

    Lakeland was a bizarre, almost custom-fit global stage for someone with such an outsized personality. Todd embraced Lakeland and swallowed it whole and in a very unhealthy way. Only later did we all learn that his latest affair was not his only transgression and that Todd indeed has major issues with self-control and obedience. He has an anointing to be sure but he is not in control of it – or rather in obedience to Christ in it.

    To be fair, it is reasonable to assume that a stage such as Lakeland may have driven many a man to the same extremes. Still, Jesus was tempted by Satan for 40 days and I don’t think the Lakeland phenomenon lasted nearly that long.

    The shameful thing is how it makes the Church and its leaders, who had put their apostolic rubber stamp on Todd, look. They – and, consequently, all of us – look very much the fool for supporting a guy who clearly is in deep disobedience.

    On the plus side, I doubt we’ll see much of Todd any more. I can’t tell you how tired I was of listening to him on those ustream Internet videos.

  12. from seeing rick joyners latest todd bentley restoration . As a prophetic seer see the lust in his eyes no repentance in his life his new wife is a victim he’s a man looking for love not dealt with his need to be loved and accepted . You might say harsh i’m a ex con myself . Wish god heals todds broken spirit watched lakeland was a move of god we need to understand the gift of god makes room for a man but the chracter god refines the man . We can seek what we are in god are giftings who we are in good our identidy we can seek the things god wants add on to us miss the kingdom get caught up in a trap wanteing to be accepted loved and appreciated go in ministry need to be needed . understand priniciples of god move in those principles human soul out of alignment power god moves through a sinful soul catastrophy we need pray mercy trumps over judgement god heal todd but todd get honest with himself

  13. When we look at a Christian leader and determine that they’re not fit for moral leadership any longer, we are not throwing stones. We’re following God. We’re following scripture.

    God’s followers need to decide which is more important in their leaders: personality or integrity. The superficial restoration of Todd Bentley tells us that many “christians” are so bowled over (knocked over?) by personality that they never realized their bibles got lost in the shuffle…

  14. Amen. Good sense, people of God. And some gracious stuff going on, despite reality. Reality is necessary, our sistren and our brethren are the flock, a leader out of line will hurt and cause untold damage to real lives of our family – hence they are subject to double judgement and must be held to a higher standard. The 1 Tim standards are for all Christians really, but only *compulsory* for leaders. Cos if the shepherd ain’t certain so much carnage will happen.

    Satan is real, eternity forever… So firmness and clarity is a mark of love not of a ‘critical spirit’.

  15. Dear Todd , I attended the outpouring in Florida and the presence of the Holy Spirt was so filled in that place. I thank God for making this possible, and sincerely Pray that you will come back as never been seen before with a message that you only will know what to say to the people down here in Florida. God told me to keep an open heart because God had so much to show mee. I received my prayer language and slaying in the spirit for the first time. His presence was surely there and I feel that God and you now know the next step to take in Jesus. It is ALL ABOUT JESUS, Never us. Christ love and blessings, Retha

  16. For love of God…. Can we stop to talk about everybody…. can you imagine if you were Todd Bentley…. The body of Crist is not to judge… we are to restore …. Only God can judge, stop trying to be God!

  17. Remember David.

  18. I wonder how Christians can be SO stupid…I mean really…ppl barking like dogs at Bentleys revivals? LOL what idiots…I guess those are the same ppl that justify Israeli soldiers pumping bullets into the heads of Palestinian babies laying in the crib…When I tried to tell ppl about that,I was called an “anti-semite”..Church: DUMP Bentley and dump Israel!!

  19. Thanks for the blog. The East African Revival, Lakeland Revival and afew other thoughts mish-mashed in this article you might find interesting called-“Shush…Its The Pied Piper”

  20. Who do you guys think you are?!?!? How dare you judge ANYONE! Todd Bentley is just as much a human/sinner as every one of us!! The only thing is that people put him on a pedestal and as soon as he fell, your in for the kill.. Jesus forgave him as much as He forgives you!!! Get over it.. He’s repented, Jesus has forgiven him, so let the man move on!!! Bless him…

  21. Dear Essy,
    Todd is a WOLF IN SHEEPS CLOTHING and NOT born-again! Paul did write us how to deal with these guys who are from the devil! their judgment is already set done. … please read the (right) Bible first before writing useless stuff!

  22. HE IS Antichrist???????????????????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!??????????????????????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. These blogs are always so interesting to me. So many people who “know” what scripture says. Surprises me that the world isn’t in better shape with this many “experts”. Jesus help us!
    Here’s how I’ll put it:
    I believe that God met and healed people at Lakeland because of their search for God, not because of anything Todd Bentley did or didn’t do, whether right or wrong. I also believe that Todd was absolutely wrong for allowing himself to spend so much time away from his family, especially without proper rest, that he got sucked in, by choice, to dangerous, destructive behavior. I’d say that’s a good argument for being accountable to wise, Godly people. I too believe that restoration would seem much more honest and heartfelt if it had included his wife and children and not a new wife, but truthfully, no one knows what’s going on behind the scenes except those in the meetings. And, though I STRONGLY believe it is FAR too early for him to be back in ministry, I do believe that scripture calls for him to repent and the Christian world to forgive. As for whether you choose to part-take of his ministry or the ministers who are working with him, that must be between you and God. I’d be cautious how much dirt I’d be throwing though. Just a thought.

  24. Come on Bentley sympathizers–Todd Bentley is a total and complete fraud,it’s so beyond obvious it’s ridiculous–the fact that this man still has people “following” him is seriously disturbing!

  25. Please go here and listen to this IMPORTANT teaching on this SATANIST!!

  26. To all you Bentley lovers whining about ‘restoration’…



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