Calvinistic Chaos: Predestined Conflict

Tiptoeing through TULIP
Layoff allegations reveal Calvinism tensions at Baptist seminary.

Following is the notorious post that started everything… publicly at least.

Grace and Truth to You

Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Forcibly Removing All the Tulips at SWBTS

Dr. Paige Patterson met with professors in the theology school at SWBTS and implied the seminary would be letting go the Calvinist professors from the seminary, claiming that the lack of funds and the need to reduce faculty as the rationale for the impending releases. Odd, however, was the seemingly chosen method of reduction. It was not years of service, nor even the performance of the professors, but rather, administration sought to ascertain just who on the faculty were avowed “tulip” men, and those are the ones being let go. Some of the professors present at the meeting included men who specifically informed administration of their beliefs at the time of their hiring, and they were told at the time their beliefs were not a problem.

But it seems Calvinism is a problem to the powers that be at SWBTS. At least one professor from the philosophy department, himself on the brink of release, was present. The professors faced a grilling as to their soteriological belief system. They were asked to declare how many points of Calvinism to which they ascribed, and an even more penetrating series of questions were posed to that unfortunate soul who had the temerity to say “four” or “five” points.

Historically, dismissals at SWBTS have taken the backdoor approach of “You have a year to find a job,” but the rough economic environment might speed that process up just a tad for these tulip men. Here’s hoping they can make it through the spring.

Of course, it is the perogative of the SWBTS President to release whomsoever he will, but the forced, imminent departure of Calvinists from SWBTS illustrates just how far we have come since ideologues, who can’t handle dissent, have taken charge of the Southern Baptist Convention.

In His Grace,
Wade Burleson

One response to “Calvinistic Chaos: Predestined Conflict

  1. Fire all the Calvinists. They are there to proselytize for their false, blasphemous doctrine of Calvinism. FIRE THEM ALL!

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