Soaking Conference… WHY?

Here is another way people have decided to “pickle in “His” presence”…

Accodring to the Toronto Airport Christian Fellowship website:

Soaking Prayer
Soaking is intimate time spent with Jesus. It’s you and I enjoying just being with Him. It’s about returning to our first love. There’s a deep need in every one of us to be close to God. Experiencing God is something to be sought after. While we base our theology on God’s Word, our experiences with God make it all come alive. The Bible is a book of experiences of men and women of God throughout history, whose lives were changed through divine encounter. Your life will be changed as you encounter Him.

How do you ‘soak’?
It’s about resting His presence, so a good idea is to put on a worship CD, and sit or lie down so you are at rest, and let the Holy Spirit come and minister to you. Pray simple prayers like “I open my heart to you Father, come and say what you want to speak to me, and refresh me with your Holy Spirit” Give all your concerns and cares to him, and let your Heavenly Father fill you with peace and joy. It’s not about striving in prayer, but instead resting. The longer you spend in His presence the more you will receive from Him, so take more than 15 minutes at a time. John and Carol Arnott regularly rest in God’s presence for hours at a time.

Soaking Prayer Centers
Here at Toronto Airport Christian Fellowship (TACF) we want to equip you. Our desire is to build strong lasting relationships with you. Through a Soaking Prayer Center you will experience greater outpouring of God’s love in your life, and will be equipped to help others.

At TACF we believe God is giving us a vision to see people soaking in the wonderful, life-changing presence of the Holy Spirit all over the world, in what we call on our TV show ‘Catch the Fire Soaking Prayer Centers’. We’re hearing amazing testimonies of people receiving healing from life’s hurts, more passion for God, even healed relationships after gathering together to spend time soaking. Now we believe that God would have us model this as part of our evening meetings at TACF.

2 responses to “Soaking Conference… WHY?

  1. FillWithGrace

    What you don’t know is that you need to pay $$$ at the church info desk to enter the sanctuary. Yes, last time I was there, I cost $15 a person, JUST to attend an afternoon soaking prayer session!

    Could you imagine what would happen if your local Baptist church charged you to attend their midweek prayer meeting?

    Folks, open you eyes!

    TACF is NOT a safe place to be. Find a real church.

  2. You should not have to pay for prayer. That is just downright wrong.

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