Todd Bentley Steps Down: Unhealthy Relationship With A Female Staff Member

Again the Vancouver Sun covers the ongoing saga that is the ministry of Todd Bentley.

Divisive evangelist resigns from leadership position

Bentley had recently separated from his wife Shonnah, who has returned to Canada with their three children. The board said the Bentleys were going through the “necessary steps towards restoration and wholeness.”

The announcement about Todd Bentley, a 32-year-old Gibsons native, came Friday from the ministry’s board of directors.

An Abbotsford-based faith healer who has polarized North American evangelicals has agreed to step down as the head of Fresh Fire Ministries after it was discovered he had an  “unhealthy relationship on an emotional level” with a female staff member.

Published: Sunday, August 17, 2008

Tim Lai, Vancouver Sun

5 responses to “Todd Bentley Steps Down: Unhealthy Relationship With A Female Staff Member

  1. I have before and again say…Don’t lift man above their obeying God. God move through all types and styles of people. Be mad…but don’t condemn….pray for Todd, the ministry, and God’s Spirit to move on you as you fill the void being felt by Todd’s actions. Love ya’ll in Christ, Truman from Florida.

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  3. John & Beckie Burke

    We are praying for Todd Bentley and his family,to be restored to their place in God

  4. Thank You Truman Cook for your right heart. We can all as a Family of Christ take a look at this catastrophe and heed your words. Thanks again

  5. God has given us the ministry of reconciliation. I envision the day when ex-husbands and ex-wives will worship together with one heart and mind the Lord of All, without awkwardness, in the same congregation. I am calling the Church to this place – to repent for the schisms that divorce and remarriage has caused in the Church (and in the world), and love your brother and sister in Christ – sincerely from your heart, through your actions. “Moving on” and merely accepting a remarriage as okay merely re-enforces sins of adultery, and the hatred and animosity which many children of divorce have. There is no resolution and legitimate endorsement of a new relationship so long as there is unforgivenss from a previous one.

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