Prophetic Giftings Don’t Help Bentleys

I found this still posted on the freshfire website.  A sad reminder of what can happen so quickly to anyone.  It is sad that the “writing on the wall” is there.  It states that Todd was constrained by the Holy Spirit.  I would have to question that in light of the recent seperation.  Read the following from the description about the conference that to place back in May… its almost haunting.

Florida Outpouring Comes to Awake Deborah Women’s Conference!
Awake Deborah begins next week! What perfect timing—because the outpouring in Lakeland, Florida will continue simultaneously. Soon it will go into its second glorious month—the glory and revival in Lakeland is only increasing!

What’s more, Shonnah Bentley, who’s been in Florida for the last three weeks, will come to this first ever women’s conference to impart and bring the glory straight to you! She will be laying hands on everyone! Although Todd is constrained by the Holy Spirit to remain in Florida to impart every evening to the thousands there, you won’t want to miss out on receiving the impartation that Shonnah will bring with her!!… Awake Deborah is going to be a powerful time of impartation, personal ministry, healing and, with so many prophetic people, there will be lots of prophesying and supernatural stuff!… We are truly seeing the ‘restoration of all things’ and know that this women’s conference is a step in that direction. We are going after what we’ve seen in the spirit—women awakened into their destiny!!

Here is another interesting and sobering fact.  Notice how every speaker at this conference claims to “move powerfully in the prophetic” yet none of them could see the oncoming devestation that would be caused by the disfunctions within the Bentley home.  Seems “Deborah” was still asleep even after this conference. 

Stacey Campbell
Stacey Campbell has been moving powerfully in the prophetic gifting since 1987, when the Holy Spirit fell on her church bringing renewal. She is a radical prophetess, both accurate and cutting edge in style. Stacey has received radical visions & words for nations, churches, & the upcoming revival generation.

Patricia King
Patricia King is a passionate, prophetic personality who is the host of Extreme Prophetic Television. She has had over 25 years of background as a Christian minister in conference speaking, prophetic service, church leadership, and television & radio appearances.

Jerame Nelson
Jerame Nelson is the founder of Living at His Feet Ministries. Jerame is a prophetic revivalist with a passion to see the kingdom of God manifested in the earth today. It’s his belief that through Intimacy with God, and obedience to his voice, we will see the manifestation of God’s Glory. Jerame travels around the US and the Nations full time, teaching and preaching on Intimacy with God, as well as healing and the Prophetic.

Kira Mitchell
Kira Mitchell is the founder of Unquenchable Ministries.  She operates in a strong prophetic anointing and moves in power evangelism which releases God’s glory and power. Kira interned under Evangelist, Todd Bentley, and is now an associate of Fresh Fire Ministries.

Shonnah Bentley
Shonnah Bentley is prophetic, and she moves in compassion to see the broken-hearted healed and restored as she travels and ministers around the world with her husband, Todd Bentley.

6 responses to “Prophetic Giftings Don’t Help Bentleys

  1. Good point. With all the uproar in blogger circles, I hadn’t really noticed that little fact. it does seem strange that gifts of prophecy don’t extend to home life……

  2. It may seem strange that all these prophets did not see it coming, but we seem to forget the fact that prophets here what God tells them…they aren’t fortune tellers, they are messengers. Maybe God didn’t want it to come out that way. We also seem to forget that Todd is a human being, not some super human. I, as strange as it sounds, almost find comfort in all this. (I am a true optomist, haha) Hear me out on this… yes it sucks, but it also shows how God takes good out of a bad situation…or maybe it is only me. I just feel like it shows God’s grace. God knew this would happen, but chose to use Todd in a powerful way. It reminds me that as much as I mess up in ways that seem huge, God still sees the positive, and not just my fallen human nature, and can/will still use me! We really don’t need to be perfect to be loved by God and used by Him. So let’s not judge the Bentley’s, because there are two sides to every story. And as far as I know, Todd never claimed to be a better human being than any of the rest of us.

  3. I cant as a prophetic judge bentley like that but I like some of the other stuff you got on her

  4. ok prompted to come back here….I liked you mentioning the women prophets on here in a positive way…..but what up with you on bentley?
    let the senior prophets judge and not based on gossip which is repeating what you heard said…regardless it none of our business really let God judge here….regardless his judgements are mericiful……a true prophet must learn this and move in it……must confront the person themselves on any issues have you done this friend…..touch not my anointed is written….
    hey I made the same mistake once I was talking bad about a tv evangelist at a store when i was in line the guy standing next to me said…but…he is a beautiful man of God…..there was not much more I could say at that point…..i felt an angel put me in my place

  5. Actually, we don’t know if the prophets missed it or not. Usually, people are confronted and warned in private like David was. Only when the ignore God’s correction are they exposed. So I’m sure that he was confronted. Also, he may not have be confronted by a “big time prophet” God may have chosen to use a maid or a waitress at a restaurant. Prophets are not psychics they don’t have free rain on what they see. God tells what He wants when He wants.

  6. Todd!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We love you!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Be strong and courages in the lord. Dont let the fire inside you be put out. God ignites the heart, and i pray God you ignite Todds heart. Meet him holy spirit just like the first time you meet him. Fill todd with truth father, let the lies of the enemy fall against his mind. renew todd and his passion father. I ask for freedom in todds life. we say enemy you have no hand on todd and he will still shake the nations with a second out pouring. God release Todd!!!!

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