It’s All Over In Lakeland: Keep Bentley & His Wife In Your Prayers

Also keep all those that were following Todd and not God in your prayers.  It is unfortunate that this will be another reason for so many to fall away with disillusionment and for so many to feel reaffirmed in their skepticism of Christianity, despite the fact that most Christians would never have agreed with the way they were doing things at “THE REVIVAL” in the first place.

More on Bentley

It has been confirmed that Todd Bentley will not return to the Florida Outpouring revival, except for a brief appearance on stage Wednesday night, the Rev. Stephen Strader of Ignited Church told me today. Bentley will pray for the interns who have been working to help run the revival, then he will return to Canada to seek reconciliation with his wife, Strader said. Shonnah Bentley did not arrive in Lakeland until the revival had been underway for more than 30 days, and Strader said it was “probably a mistake” not to bring her down sooner. She went home to Abbotsford, British Columbia, about three weeks ago, Strader said. It is not clear who filed for separation, but Strader said he has been assured there was no infidelity involved.

J. Lee Grady, editor of Charisma said Tuesday the news of Bentley’s marital troubles would likely further polarize those following the revival.

“A large segment of the movement has been skeptical from day one. They’re going to see this as a natural progression. Others who have been following Todd are going to be spiritually shipwrecked. We’ve most definitely seen through this revival a lot of people are not grounded in Scripture, so for them, it won’t be an issue,” he said….

According to Rev. Stephen Strader, Bentley turned over the spiritual authority of the meetings to him last Wednesday—more than two weeks earlier than the August 23 date announced earlier this month.

Strader said Bentley’s official departure will occur during this Wednesday night’s meeting in Lakeland, when Bentley is scheduled to thank the crowd, while also “commissioning his interns” to continue the revival.

One response to “It’s All Over In Lakeland: Keep Bentley & His Wife In Your Prayers

  1. As a Charismatic’s I am so sorry that this has happened again and again we have to place the blame at the feet of the fathers who run to every “Revival” and show no discernment of any kind instead of guiding the young men they make all kinds of excuses for the bad behavior and even worse theology of the “Revivalists” and then when it blows up we the Pastors are left to clean up the mess, and that’s ok we are responsible for the sheep.

    I am not the Sheriff of the church but when are we going to learn the lessons and hold people to account, stop rapping Jesus up in cotton wool and think that if we say anything about these events the revival will stop.

    I think that all of the revival chasers should repent, the fathers should repent and God Channel should repent for extreme bad judgment.

    We accuse Catholics of bad theology God help us, we have been around for 100 years, I would like to see what we believe after 1600 odd years.

    Let’s get back to what God really called us to do, “Go into all the world and preach the Gospel……

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