Revival Aftermath: Prophets, Preachers, Pimps

So often, when the “revival fires” are merely smoldering and all but out, those that “led” said revival are still in need of income.  They quickly go from “prophet” status, to “preacher” status, to “pimp” status.  This then is where the temptation to become one of the many prosperity preachers, or what many have dubbed “pulpit pimps,” is all but too overwhelming.   By way of reminder, and in fear of some preachers slipping, if they aren’t already heavy in the fold of the Word Faith camp, aka name-it-and-claim-it, blab-it and-grab-it, profess-it-and-posses-it, believe-it-and-receive-it, here is a friendly reminder from one preacher who might be worth listening to.

4 responses to “Revival Aftermath: Prophets, Preachers, Pimps

  1. This guy is MY brother! He is telling it like it is! What a relief from the Rev. Wrights we are forced to watch on TV! May God bless his ministry, and may he have the sight to see the true believers in his church and disciple them for service and suffering for Christ, and not this ‘give me, give me’ self-centered trash that these “revivals” always seem to dredge up. God bless this man mightily!

  2. I’d like to add this pastor to my YT page – what’s the URL? (Thanks!)

  3. it is really about time some one is telling the truth i talk to young people and they hate goig to dhruch because the pastor beg so much,God bless you to keep on telling the truth

  4. First, thank you for bringing this stuff into the light to be dealt with openly in a Biblical manner. Second, thank you for the Scripture references at the beginning. I have a feeling, however, that the worst is yet to come, in terms of worldwide apostasy and abandonment of a solid Biblical foundation. Already the cracks are beginning to form in the bedrock of our civilization, as liberals and ecumenists chip away at the essential differences between those who even hold to such a standard and those who simply will not.

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