The Encyclopedia of Preserved People: Pickled, Frozen, and Mummified Corpses from Around the World

I have always considered individuals that run from one “revival” to another much like those covered in this book.  A desire to be “pickled” in the presence of God.  If people want to experience God’s presence, they should walk down the street and introduce their unbelieving neighbor to Jesus.  They could start seeing a real revival by taking over some cookies or helping them with their lawn, then maybe praying for one of their sick loved ones or listening to their marital problems and counseling them with the Word of God.  People should not desire to be pickled like leftover brains, they should desire to be used in the lives of the hurting people found all around them.  Spend a few hours at a park, grocery store, or coffeehouse.  Use the money you would spend traveling to visit the next great “revival” on a creative way to bless someone else and not just looking to bless yourself.


Preserved people can tell us things that skeletons can’t-hairstyles and tattoos can tell us what people looked like, full stomachs can tell us what thev ate, and autopsies can reveal what diseases they suffered.

With sections on Egyptian mummies, bog bodies, Einstein’s brain, and the Ice Man, The Encyclopedia of Preserved People provides a fascinating look at those men, women, and children whose bodies have been preserved until the present day. It proves that history is not about dull dates, but about people who laughed, cried, ate, and worked, just like us-yet who were also incredibly different. It includes an index and a bibliography and is illustrated by over 30 full-color photographs.

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