Marinating… Pickling In God’s Presence

“Marinating . . . Pickling in God’s Presence”
by Todd Bentley
$18.00 Prayer/Music CD


This CD, the latest in Todd Bentley’s soaking series, is sure to take you into the glory and presence of God. Todd says he believes this is his best and most anointed CD project so far. In this recording you will hear Todd speaking powerful soaking prayers over inspiring instrumental sounds and sweet female vocals. Titles of some of the tracks include: ‘Waiting on the Lord,’ ‘Intimacy, Fruitfulness & Anointing,’ ‘Drinking by Faith’ and ‘Marinating.’ This CD is recorded for those who want to be saturated with the presence of the Holy Spirit and whose hearts long for deep intimacy with Jesus.While recording this CD in Kelowna British Columbia, Todd experienced visions and visitations of the Supernatural Realms of Heaven.
Todd, his father Dave Bentley, as well as others present in the recording studio felt the tangible presence and anointing of the Lord in a new and exciting way. The tangible presence and anointing is transferable and is definitely captured on this very special recording.

Track Listing
Drinking by Faith mp3 wma rm

The Esther Anointing mp3 wma rm
Waiting on the Lord
The Promise of His Presence
The Ark of His Presence
Praying in the Holy Ghost
Intimacy, Fruitfulness, & Anointing

Feel free to order online OR by phone (1-8.6.6-354-5245)

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